UPDATE: June 2018

Ashley & Brad are staying positive as they continue to rummage through the debris. In the meantime, they are still very active and continue to do custom work. If you are interested or have any quesitons, please contact Ashley at (410)430-0413 or email her at

It is with great sadness…

To inform you that Attics of My Life, LLC, located off S. Main St. in Berlin, MD was burned down due to raging fires.

Although no one was injured, Ashley and Brad put their whole life and soul into making their dreams come true. The store was barely opened for more than 3 months and this sad tragedy happened. Surrounding stores suffered minor damages but will recover.

Please keep hope for them as they are going through a very rough time. They appreciate your thoughts and prayers.

If you would like to donate, a GO FUND me was created. Please click on the link. Thank you.

Go Fund Me – Attics of My Life, LLC